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Britain’s three main political parties – some of the world’s oldest – got defeated by a single-issue coalition that was formed just a few months ago and lost its charismatic leader less than a week after its victory.

In the US, the unofficial Trump party has effectively defeated GOP and will probably give a hard time to the Democrats in the coming months.

I am writing this in Ukraine, where – like in many parts of Eastern Europe – all parties are temporary coalitions coalescing around charismatic leaders or specific issues and showing no semblance of any coherent ideology.

It has been for a long time presumed that eventually they’ll give way to stable political institutions, such as Tory and Labour parties in the UK.

But see – it goes the other way round in the UK and also in America. Is it a sign of decline or is it the future of global politics? Perhaps Eastern Europe has simply rejected the institution that was already outdated at the time when democracy knocked on its door?

Media revolution has completely changed the tools of political mobilization. Do old parties fit into this new environment? I am not sure.

Written by fullofbias

July 3, 2016 at 4:18 pm

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