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Why not leave. Assad’s departure is no longer on the agenda. Pro-Western forces in Syria are marginalized. The West has been distracted – Ukraine is no longer in the news, the conflict in Donbass is being frozen on Russia’s conditions. Crimea is nowhere on the global agenda. The EU is showing cracks, sanctions will be eventually lowered, but then their contribution to the economic crisis is questionable compared to the impact of oil prices. Internal opposition has been destroyed. Ukraine is discredited as a role model for pro-Western Russians. There will be no export of revolution. The economy did fall, but not even nearly to the level, from the which the Ukrainian economy started falling. As Ukraine shows, ex-Soviet people are strong – they’ll endure worse calamities. Besides, now it’s easy to blame everything on the enemies with their sanctions – no one remembers that downfall began before Ukraine.

He has won not one war but three – in Syria, Ukraine and most importantly – inside Russia. He is the winner, the West, Ukraine and Russia are losers.

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March 14, 2016 at 8:42 pm

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