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WEDNESDAY: Beaks & Tricks

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Weather permitting, Vladimir Putin will fly a hang glider over Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia tomorrow, leading a flock of very rare Arctic cranes (only 20 left in the wild in total) on their seasonal migration.

Hang gliders help changing rare birds’ migration patterns, so that they winter in safer places, e.g. national parks, not their traditional breeding areas, w

here they get killed.

A crane expert told RSN radio that in order to succeed (in other words – to cheat the unsuspecting cranes), Putin will have to wear a white robe, a special helmet and most importantly – a fake beak. A good use for his training in the art of deception.

A few hours later, the same man corrected himself by saying that Putin will only hold the helmet with a beak, but he won’t put them on.

It didn’t take long for an avalanche of jokes to descend on the Russian blogosphere.

One of the first to emerge, was Sergey Yolkin’s cartoon depicting a winged Putin who tells the cranes: “Let’s define our roles straight away. I’ll be the alpha-crane”.

Comedian Mikhail Shats wrote on Facebook: “Cranes will be idiots if one of them doesn’t become Putin’s envoy to Yamal peninsula”.

It was a reference to engineer Igor Kholmanskikh, who – posing as an ordinary labourer at his plant in the Urals during a live broadcast – promised Putin that the workers will come to Moscow and sort opposition protesters out, should the police fail to do so.

As a reward, Kholmanskikh jumped from obscurity into the seat of Putin’s envoy to the Urals, coordinating the work of law-enforcement bodies and the executive in a key region of Russia.

The planned PR stunt is likely to produce the most entertaining images from Russia since Pussy Riot affair. One might suggest it was design detract people’s attention from the ongoing crackdown on the opposition on the eve of the APEC summit in Vladivostok.

Meanwhile, a number of less telegenic stories are unfolding in Russia –

– One of the handful of genuine opposition MPs – Gennady Gudkov – is facing criminal charges
– Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been charged with fraud and is facing a prison sentence
– Arrests continue of participants in May 6 clashes with the police. Most are based on slim evidence, people arrested in June had their detention period prolonged till November
– Other Russia activist Taisia Osipova was sentenced to eight years in prison for selling drugs, which a key prosecution witness admitted were planted in her flat by detectives
– Ultra-nationalist activist have been harassing Pussy Riot supporters, while pro-government media accused them of a ritual double murder in Kazan and anti-church acts of vandalism around the country
– NGO leaders are facing huge fines or imprisonment if they fail to register as foreign agents

And so on.

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September 5, 2012 at 1:58 pm

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