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FRIDAY: Brainwashing & St George

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Now a suspect in the Kazan murder has been found. Police say he tried to mislead the investigation my simulating a ritual murder – that’s why he wrote Free Pussy Riot on the wall in victims’ blood and arranged the bodies on the floor so that they resemble the figure 69, which means something in Satanist cults.
Despite all his elaborate efforts, the arrested man failed to hide the knife he used to murder the women and the phone with a backlog of text messages he sent to the younger victim. Police found both items in his flat. He killed the women after a conflict over love and money, police spokespeople claim.
The man readily confessed to the crime. Kazan happens to be famous for unconventional methods of interrogation. Only recently, a man died at a police station after being raped with a champaign bottle. But perhaps this time the investigation was so efficient the suspect could no longer hide the truth.
But the aim of the propaganda carpet bombing that continued for the last 24 hours has been achieved. The country’s aggressively-obedient majority, which gets all it cares to know from sources affiliated with the government, has been persuaded that Pussy Riot supporters and liberals in general are capable of committing heinous crime.
Broadening the already absurd blame, the prominent pro-Kremlin political expert Sergey Markov said that participants in the Moscow anti-Putin protests should kneel in the Red Square and ask Russian people to forgive them for supporting Pussy Riot.
As this macabre farce unfolded, news came about the creation of a broad Orthodox youth movement, by the looks of it – a cross between Mao’s student brigades and the Black Hundred, the tsarist era pogrom militia.
It’s most active faction, named after St George, has been harassing journalists and activists during Pussy Riot trial. Today, its website sports a simple and unequivocal headline – “Pussy Riot supporters killed two in Kazan”.

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August 31, 2012 at 6:58 pm

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